We (almost) ship everything

Looking for a shipper?

We offer the complete consignment handling of pallets and parcels up to the dispatch of sea containers or even oversized machinery and equipment. The standards of our quality management system ensure a safe and smooth process.

On our spacious outdoor areas we are able to perform the entire container handling, starting with discharge and ending up with loading and stacking.

Using computerized software, we offer an optimized container stowage to fully exploit the limited capacity and thus save costs!

Our shuttle service picks up your goods by the desired cut-off times or delivers your products at the scheduled delivery date.

Our linkage to all popular CEP services enables a secure and error-free method for sending all packets to their destinations.

As an additional service we offer you to track your order by the known tracking and tracing.

Erklärung „7R" der Logistik

Richtiger Artikel, am richtigen Ort, in der richtigen Menge, zur richtigen Zeit, in der richtigen Qualität, zu richtigen (guten) Kosten, beim richtigen Empfänger!