Quality assessment

Quality control by qualified personnel

You need a reliable quality inspection?

The "logistical examination" of the goods received (quantity, item name and pristine condition) is self-evident. Moreover we also offer additional inspections of your goods.

You expect container deliveries from overseas? We collect the goods and perform further quality controls according to initial sample test report and specification sheet.

Test according to AQL | Acceptable Quality Limit according to DIN ISO 2859

Depending on the quantities delivered, we determine the sample sizes by AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) according to DIN ISO 2859 and draw up the test protocols. If the permissible quantities of defective products according to AQL are exceeded, an intensified examination with a higher spot check density takes place. All results are recorded in test reports, on demand with deposited photographic documentation and made ​​available to you. With our pool of staff we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to new challenges.

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Examination of sales packaging

Naturally, end users expect the best possible quality of the products they buy. This includes the external appearance of the packaging. In addition to general parameters such as protective properties for the contents, look and feel and durability are key criteria. The requirements for sales packaging are checked according to your specifications.


Examples of possible test measures:


  • general, unharmed condition
  • dimensional accuracy
  • drop test (the content must not be damaged)
  • suitability for dispatch (quality of cardboard, appropriate filling material)
  • tags / labeling

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Testing of products 

The quality-related product testing can be performed for a variety of products, such as household products, cosmetics, bedding, clothing, sporting goods, etc.


It includes, among other things:


  • damages
  • scratches / scuffs
  • pollution
  • poor bonding
  • assembly / disassembly
  • function test
  • instruction leaflet 
  • tables of contents
  • markings
  • chromatic aberrations
  • indication of BBD / expiry date