Cross Docking

Guiding your goods via our warehouse (fast and low priced)

You would like to abstain from superfluous storage?

Your goods will be delivered directly in our cross-docking process and thereby assigned efficiently without detours to their respective outgoing goods section. Take advantage of direct goods logistics in our house – please feel free to contact us. This distribution strategy is subject to an increasingly observable logistics trend, since in this case – above all -  the expensive storage can be omitted.

Advantages of cross docking

  • faster pass-through times
  • timely delivery to the recipient
  • for the receiver: cutback of incoming deliveries and thus conserving resources (time-wise and personnel)
  • reduction of stocks
  • lowering of storage space required
  • avoidance of storage and retrieval processes
  • reduced stockholding costs
  • lower number of ramp contacts (recipients)

Grillanzünder-Displays auf Paletten
Lebensmittelkartons auf einer Palette

The variants of the cross-docking

Single-stage, two-stage, multi-stage cross-docking


This procedure is also called PAXD, Pre-Allocated Cross Docking. We receive your goods order-picked and labelled as you would like your customer to receive them. We take care of the adequate storage (from only minutes up to 48 hours, typically) and organize the outgoing goods on your call.

Two-stage (transshipment)

BBXD, Break-Bulk Cross Docking. Pallets are unloaded on the receiving side and placed into receiving queues, where they are labeled for their respective destinations. This practice relieves the vendor of the labeling burden, but adds additional handling at our docks.  From the receiving queues, our workers sort the pallets into shipping queues, from which a final set of workers loads the pallets onto outbound trucks.


The multi-level cross-docking covers, besides the re-commissioning, also other processes. For example the possible assembly of articles or further processing of goods (value added services). Accordingly, BBXD has to be regarded as a special case of the multi-stage system.

Whichever variant will be a possibility for you, we are pleased to help you at any time with our flexibility and logistical performance. You may benefit from our know-how and together we can take care of optimal logistics costs throughout the supply chain.

A generic win-win situation for you, us and last but not least for the end customer.