Warehouse logistics

Procurement, storage and distribution logistics from a single source

We stock (almost) everything for you!

As a certified logistics provider, our portfolio extends across the entire procurement, storage and distribution logistics.

Due to increasing globalization of markets and the resulting booming in competitive intensity more and more companies find it necessary to outsource logistical sub-processes.

This initial situation is directly linked to our services. We take over your non-value added business processes by contributing our many years of experience in the logistics sector for the implementation of your wishes. So you can focus on your core competencies and save expenses. Lately both parties will benefit from this team play - a classic win-win situation. Quick and flexible solutions, worked out according to your wishes, have priority in our daily routines.



Goods receipt

Handling of import and export

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Storage types

Product-specific storage facilities

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Order picking

Flexibility: 10 or 10,000 picked items per day

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We (almost) ship everything

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