Counting, measuring, weighing, estimating

You have annual accounts and require a verified inventory listing?

With the stocktaking, the written capturing of quantities (counting, measuring, weighing, estimating) of all goods, we can display your inventory at a defined point in time. The physical stocktaking shall be performed in accordance with § 240 HGB and §§ 140, 141 AO in the context of proper accounting.

The accomplishment can be done at founding, close-down or at the end of each fiscal year. We take over the complete management of the inventory records for you and provide you with the necessary stock itemizations.

We distinguish between three stocktaking models:


Annual stocktaking

The inventory record is completely carried out on a key date. In this model all goods will be locked for further transactions, so that no goods movements are possible.

Perpetual inventory system

Within the perpetual inventory all item quantities are recorded within one year. This model will only block the currently counted items for other transactions. In addition, further inventory processes will be done.

Inventory sampling procedure

The inventory sampling is only available if the stockpile includes more than 1,000 storage positions, a computerized inventory accounting is existent and 20% of the stock represent at least 80% of the inventory value.

Review of the stocktaking by auditing companies

Our stocktaking is observed and evaluated by major accounting firms such as “PwC” and well-known associates for more than 10 years.