Inventory Management

Warehouse management at its best

Inventory management is the core of every warehouse management and provides the ability to represent secondary processes such as just-in-time deliveries or rapid productions in an optimal way.

Through the acquisition of all goods to be stored using a unique item number and their attributes such as lot, EAN ("European Article Number") and expiration date all inventory movements can be managed EDP-assisted.

At this, all existing units such as piece, kilogram or coil are available and can be assigned as part of the so-called head of the unique products item number.

Each goods receipt or dispatch is directly passed to account. This provides you with the opportunity to be fully informed about your inventory at all times.

Via our web-based analysis tool you will have your stocks at a glance - any time and any place. Your Inventory Management is our job, which falls back on many years of experience.

We distinguish between the following types of goods:


  • Material
    (metal, plastic, wood, ...)
  • Weight (light, heavy) 
  • Consistency
    (liquid, solid, gaseous)
  • Value
  • Hazardousness
  • Volume
    (small - large - bulky)
  • the quantity stored
  • Load unit  (Pieces – packing unit - ...)
  • Shelf life
  • Sensitivity
  • Stock turn rate