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You place great value on established processes and certificates?

Our entire organization is subject to fixed processes and can come up with various certificates. For the purposes of competitiveness such features constitute advantages for clients and contractors.  

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Regulated Agent for air cargo

The Federal Aviation Authority of Germany (LBA), accredited the B Logistik GmbH as a regulated agent. We are therefore part of the secure supply chain and ensure that the freight of our clients that was delivered with the status "safe" will remain in this status.

The status is knotted to the adherence to strict safety precautions and enables faster and budget-friendly handling of air freight.

To obtain the certificate, intensive preparations had to be done:

  • Training and screening of safety advisor
  • Implementation of numerous structural measures for the separation of “safe” and “unsafe” air freight
  • Drawing up an air cargo security program (LFSP)
  • Screening and training of internal staff 
  • Screening and training of the external staff of the site security service (24/7)

Air freight and air mail are packed tamper-proof so that any subsequent changes will be instantly recognizable. In addition we focus our attention on complete documentation within the secure supply chain.

The failure to comply with these criteria would result in the fact that the air freight has to undergo effortful controls (X-ray investigation). Delays and incremental costs would be the consequence.

More certificates of B Logistik GmbH

neutrally proved – accredited certified

Since March 2010 (first audit) we are certified to the following standards and re-audited annually by “TÜV NORD” for the retention of these requirements:



ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Our Quality Management Guide explains the basic processes and objectives in order to meet the customer requirements and the legal/regulatory demands.

Our primary purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction, starting with the implementation of a new customer and resulting in the error-free and timely delivery.

The four main processes of our organization are subject to the PDCA cycle (Plan - Do - Check - Act). 

  • Responsibility of administration
  • Management of resources
  • Product realization (our service)
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement

With continuous monitoring of the impact of inputs into our system and their evaluation, we achieve a continuous improvement process. Thus we increase customer satisfaction.

Our weekly calculated distribution error rate attests us the benefits of the further use and continuous improvement of our QMS.

Error rate 2013: 0.033% 
588,000 shipments with 1,536,000 items
(customary value in this line of business: 0.1-0.3%)


IFS Logistics version 2

By adherence to this standard we ensure our clients high quality and safety throughout the supply chain, including transport, storage and handling of goods; this specifically for food and pharmaceutical products.

Temperate stored goods, pest control, compliance with hygiene regulations, trained staff and access permissions for the warehouse are only a few key points, which are reviewed at the annual recurring audits.

Retrieval output strategies such as FIFO (First In - First Out) etc. are ensured by our warehouse management system. Monitoring of the BBD (expiry date) is as self-evident as ensuring the traceability of goods.

In interaction with ISO 9001 the IFS standard is a further step to ensure high quality and safety for the stored foodstuff, pharmaceutical and non-food products.

Our guidelines

  • Satisfied customers safeguard our company.
  • The conceptual formulation of our customers is our motivation.
  • We are permanently increasing the quality of our work.
  • Flexibility is our strength.
  • Our employees quality and motivation constitute the foundation of our success.
  • We secure our location and develop it further.
  • We want to generate yields.
  • We act according to ethical principles.
  • Careful use of natural resources is essential for us.
  • Innovation strengthens the brand "B Logistik".