Cross Docking

Distribution procedure without inventory-holding

You want your goods to be compiled quickly and cheaply? 

The basic objective of the cross-docking procedure is a high turnover rate without intermediate storage. The goods are directly picked and rearranged without any warehousing.

For example, single containers can be delivered and we directly pick for further shipment to the final customer or for direct store delivery. This is often a single-level or two-level system.

In the one-level cross docking system, the logistics units remain in their original state and are then redistributed. In the two-level variant, the goods are picked to new logistics units via the cross-docking point and there prepared directly for onward shipment. Thus we guarantee the highest efficiency in the supply chain.

Shorter pass-through times

Reduction of stock requirements

Avoiding of taking in an taking out occurrences

Grillanzünder-Displays auf Paletten
Lebensmittelkartons auf einer Palette

Cross Docking

Guiding your goods via our warehouse (fast and low priced)

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