Promotional goods logistics

Fast, good and cheap

We piece together (almost) everything - for your success!

We consider the promotional goods logistics as one of our four core competencies, where we quickly provide your goods for promotions for your customers and trading partners in a cheap and perfect way. 

In order to successfully place your promotional products at major retail chains, we stand by your side as an efficient and reliable full-service partner in logistics.

Success in this area can be measured. A few questions suffice for this purpose. 

  • Has the promotion been delivered on time? 
  • Was the promotion accomplished as discussed? 
  • Has the promotion been commissioned accurate? 
  • And the most important question: "Is your customer satisfied?"

To carry out the promotional goods logistics in a fluent way, we own extensive storage facilities, combined with flexible and qualified staff to guarantee your order specific product handling. Therefore, it is our concern to unwind the advice preferably only through one of our employees. This has the advantage of having only one contact who knows the "story" from the very beginning and is able to create a detailed organization and the smooth implementation is thus ensured at a later order. We consider an extensive consultation prior to the mandate as the decisive criterion for the later success of the campaign. 

In this context we would gladly take over all upstream and downstream activities along the supply chain, from planning to the final transport to the point of sale or the central warehouse. 

As an experienced logistics company we look forward to extraordinary tasks in the promotional products business.










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