Efficient process control

You are looking for production supply?

In a Kanban process, we undertake the central reception of goods and cost-optimized storage of materials outside of the production process. The supply of production with each of the required components is thereby ensured.

The Japanese manufacturing technology Kanban (Japanese: card / plate) is based on a system consisting of at least two containers, which are used for flexible, automated and process-oriented production supply. 

Here, the idling container is replaced with a filled container in a standardized procedure. Due to increasing cost pressure in the production area, this method is becoming increasingly attractive.

Basically, we distinguish between suppliers and production/transport-Kanban to control the multi-level integration chain at optimal costs.

Guaranteed delivery deadlines by our shuttle service

Cost reductions through lower inventory and buffer stocks

Boost of flexibility, efficiency and competitiveness

Gute Anpassung an Bedarfsschwankungen

Shorten cycle times and increased process transparency

Simplified execution of JIT- and JIS-orders


In this type of KANBAN the need for certain parts of a consuming station is not reported internally but externally to a supplier / service provider. As a service provider we store the whole product portfolio as agreed upon. Depending on your needs, we provide your production or your customers individually and flexibly with the parts needed there.

With our specially established transport company we are easily able to guarantee absolute punctuality so that bottlenecks belong to the past! We provide the required parts directly to the production line.

Depending on what software solution you want to use for your KANBAN system we can either make use of your own system or we offer our tailored to your needs warehouse management software with appropriate interfaces.

If the material needed for the production is used up at the place of consumption, after falling below a certain amount, replenishment is requested, which must be taken up and processed in time by the competent department. In general, the requirements can be triggered by Kanban-containers, eKanban, transponder or RFID.



Production- and Transport-KANBAN

Companies usually distinguish between Production-Kanban and Transport-Kanban. Production-Kanban leads to a production as a result of withdrawal, for example out of a buffer support. In contrast, another loop is described in the Transport-Kanban, which is characterized by an in-house supply.

The combination of the two principles makes it possible to achieve synergies within the company. The main objective is to determine the individual areas to can be controlled almost autonomous by the demand for material which leads to a need, and this need is automatically met with a replenishment process.

New technologies such as bar codes help to book the number of full and empty containers in real time and thus trigger a reorder.

With the help of RFID technology, transponders attached to the containers broadcast radio waves to automatically trigger a subsequent delivery when entering a certain area. This avoids unnecessary handling of cards, while ensuring an error-free transmission of information to the EDP system.

By adding the information to the container, suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and customers are able to participate in the Kanban processes and thus improve the whole scheduling clearly!