Outsourcing of manual activities

Looking for a flexible subcontracting?

We understand the subcontract as a flexible form of outsourcing of manual activities. This can be useful if, for example, your own capacities are utilized and other required resources are not available.

Lohnbearbeitung - Papierverarbeitende Industrie

Paper Processing Industry

We agglutinate large-volume corrugated board packaging out of single components with hot-melt adhesive and cold glue.


Retail market

We assemble by way of example 1.5-kg bags of BBQ charcoal lighters. These are bagged by us, welded and packed in cardboard boxes or displays. End customers are currently hardware and discount stores.


Food industry

For a pizza chain in Germany we shrink-wrap packages of 100 pieces and inlay a custom item information. This pizza boxes are stored and picked to individual orders in the required quantities. This provides high availability to avoid potential out-of-stock situations with maximum flexibility for our customers. 




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